song of the day Des 10′ 2009 (soundtrack new year..??)

10 Des

Because I could not sleep so I’m looking for articles about motivation. But one of the available links to my attention. The article was about a new spirit. When I open the link it contains a song by country musician Indonesia entitled “BUKA SEMANGAT BARU” sung by Ello, Ipang, Berry St.Loco, Lala. Because interest in the lyrics, so I wanted to download the song (heheheh). Good song, the lyrics invite us to start something new with a new spirit. Establishing a better person than before.

Core of this song in my opinion we must believe in our hearts and always smiling to the world. Necessarily good thing going over to us.

Sorry my english is very bad. Ok, I’ll see you again

ps : you guys can find BUKA SEMANGAT BARU on Facebook and Twitter


5 Tanggapan to “song of the day Des 10′ 2009 (soundtrack new year..??)”

  1. Choiri Setyawan Desember 10, 2009 pada 8:46 am #

    How about your spirit now? Your spirit has grown ??

    • danikrachma Desember 10, 2009 pada 10:28 am #

      although little by little but I’m sure will be a great new spirit

  2. yos Desember 10, 2009 pada 9:48 pm #

    pingin lihat musisi skill pas2an tapi nekat nampang di youtube mampir sini *padahal gue sendiri, hihihihihhihi

  3. aan setiawan Desember 11, 2009 pada 5:18 pm #

    bahasa arabnya.. Ar-ruhul Jadid.. 🙂
    judul nasyid mah itu..

    nah, ntar lagi juga da tahun baru Islam.. semangat baru ikut yang mana neh? 🙂

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